Tablets For Schoolchildren To Ease Burden Of Carrying Heavy Schoolbags

Tablets For Schoolchildren To Ease Burden Of Carrying Heavy Schoolbags

By Mohd Razman Abdullah

KUALA LUMPUR, April 27 (Bernama) -- The use of tablet mobile computers in schools could be a solution to ease the heavy burden of carrying textbooks among schoolchildren, according to a father who has two daughters studying in a Chinese medium primary school.

Kashminder Singh, the managing editor of Mobile World magazine, said tablets were perfect for schools and instead of giving students RM100 each (government aid), it would be more useful over the long term to look into how tablets could become the new textbooks.

He said, someone or a corporation needed to work on producing an android or any open platform tablet that could be customised to become e-readers.

"In India, someone came up with the Aakash tablet that costs less than RM200," he said.

Kashminder said the tablet could be locked so that it can go online to only authorised sites, and e-book versions of text books could be loaded in each year for the students while publishers would receive a fee for each book loaded in.

"My daughters who study in Chinese medium primary schools carry bags every day which adults would find it difficult to lug around. I think there is a solution and someone needs to push it through," he added.

"Imagine all students having a tablet each. With everyone having a tablet, thefts should not occur because there would be no large scale resale market to sell to," he said in the March edition of the monthly publication.

"Technology cannot be denied and it is only a matter of time that books will go into tablets, anyway. Someone needs to have the will and also the knowledge to make sure the project is effective," he said.